Up to 30% of Girls Are Raped Since Starting College

That's 3 out of 10 girls! How many more go unreported? 

With numbers like this, you owe it to your daughter to give her an extra edge to defend herself while you're not around to protect her.


Imagine your daughter at a friends house...

Lots of people there... she see's a boy she thinks is cute. The boy comes over and starts a conversation. Your daughter, not seeing a potential threat, has goo goo gaga gaga eyes over this attractive boy. Soon, they end up in a bed room. Thinking nothing of it, your daughter, is now the only person in the room with this boy. 

He starts to make his move... putting his arm around her, rubbing her leg and leaning in for a kiss. Your daughter is now thinking this is going a little fast and asks him to stop. He doesn't. Before she knows it, she is on her back with this boy now advancing forward. She fights back but doesn't know what to do. She eventually tires and gives in. 

It's over, she's now scared, ashamed, and confused. She feels isolated because she's hundreds of miles away from home attending school.

This scenario, unfortunately, is very very common.

This course will teach your daughter how to recognize sex trafficking, how to detect predators online, and how to physically defend herself if attacked. 

Self Defense Techniques Your Daughter Should Know Before Going To College

Is a course I designed for young women who are headed off to college and for parents that are concerned for their safety. The course material is easy to learn and won't take a lot of time to master.  The techniques are direct, to the point, and very effective.  Plus get a BONUS VIDEO on how to recognize Sex Trafficking and what things your daughter needs to know to not become a Sex Trafficking victim.

What she will learn:

Standing Strikes & Defense

Standing is your daughters first line of defense in a physical attack. In this course your daughter will learn how to effectively use:

The Eye Jab

A Groin Kick

Elbow & Knee Stikes 

She will learn how to hit targets that inflict the most damage.

Applying Chokes

If your daughter understand Chokes, the size of the attacker doesn't matter. She'll learn how to put someone asleep using:

Her Coat

Attackers Coat


Learning how to put someone to sleep is a vital skill that ALL women should know.



Ground Defense

Understanding how to position herself on the ground is your daughters first step in ground defense. She'll learn how to:

Get someone off of her.

Break an attackers arm.

Get to an attacking position.

Position herself on the ground so she's ready to apply a choke, joint lock, or turn over at anytime.

Why did I make this course? 

Simple, I have two daughters of my own. One is getting ready to go to college this year and the other one will go in a few years. They have been trained their entire life which gives me peace of mind. I would like to share that information with other parents.

Give them the skills they need to be successful.

You wouldn't want to send your child to college without getting them ready and prepared for those tough classes... So why would you want to send them off without knowing the basics of self defense? This course will teach them all they need to know in order to effectively defense themselves.

Don't let your daughter be another victim!

Give your daughter the tools she may need when she's out on her own. It takes only seconds for an attacker to strike. It also only takes seconds for you give her the advantage she will need. Do yourself a favor and have some peace of mind that your daughter knows some basic self defense before she heads off to school. 

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