Best Striking Art on Earth!

Muay Thai "The Art Of Eight Limbs"

Muay Thai uses devastating Kicks, Knees, Elbows, and Punches to subdue an opponent. 99% of altercations end up on the ground BUT 99.9% start standing. If you don't know the basics of how to stand, make a fist, or how to move then then you're in trouble!

You owe it to yourself to learn how to protect you and your family. Start with the basics and work through the guided lessons to keep you on track. Your progress will be tracked to insure you're learning from the ground up. 

Fitness With Practicality

There are SO many people out there that do kickboxing for fitness. Most of the fitness kickboxing programs out there don't give you any practical self defense techniques. Most of them are repetitive moves that would be useless in a self defense situations! This can cause a false sense of reality and confidence.

Why not do a program that hits your cardio AND is effective in the street!

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"Coach Ryan Clark was one of my first instructors. He is extremely knowledgeable and a great teacher. Ryan lives his life as a true martial artist and I highly recommend him as a coach. If you're looking for an instructor that's going to help you get to your full potential, then Coach Ryan is the instructor you're looking for."

Evan Dunham
UFC Fighter

What Is Muay Thai

Muay Thai Kickboxing is the national sport of Thailand and is one of the most effective Martial Arts striking systems, if not the most effective and powerful striking system in the world. This is because Muay Thai emphasizes the use of the hips and torso to maximize power.
Muay Thai is known as the Art of 8 Limbs. 8 Limbs meaning the use Kicks, Knees, Punches and Elbows. Students will learn how to effectively throw a punch, block and evade strikes, kick with power, and throw elbows and knees with precise mechanics.

Muay Thai

More Than Just A Ring Sport....

Muay Thai is so much more than just another rockem sockem sport! This martial art provides an excellent way to burn calories and get in shape. Running on a treadmill is for the birds! If you've every tried to get in shape at the gym by running on a treadmill, you know how boring and repetitive it is. Do yourself a favor.... learn something that could actually help save your life one day both confrontationally and physically! You won't regret it! 

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"Remaining calm under fire is a necessary trait for a warrior. During my career in US Army Special Operations, my greatest responsibility was remaining calm under fire and developing a team of warriors to be successful on any battlefield. Ryan Clark is a true warrior, not only is he an expert in numerous martial arts disciplines; he knows what his greatest responsibilities are. He is teaching his students how to win in life by remaining calm under pressure. It is inspiring to see him developing the next generation of warriors. I can guarantee that anyone who studies with Ryan and the team he has developed at Clark’s University of Martial Arts will become a better version of themselves, one that will be ready to meet whatever life throws their way."

Jeff Tiegs
LTC (Ret.) 1/75 RGR, 2/75 RGR, 10th SFG, 1st SFOD-D

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I just know when you start learning Muay Thai, you'll love it and wish you would have started earlier!

- Coach Ryan Clark

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